The Chainmail is Back

The undeniable resurgence of the chainmail trend

You might be confused about the kinds and styles in this hard and mesh kind of dress. While chainmail was the earliest form of metal armor worn by average soldiers during the Medieval times and era, the mesh material has become very fashionable with modern celebs in the last decades.

First seen on '90s supermodels Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss famously stepped out in their coordinating silver Versace mesh mini dresses. In 2002, Paris Hilton, sported a slinky, shimmery chainmail dress on her 21st birthday party.  Paris Hilton’s legendary barely-there chainmail dress with loose cowl neck, sparkling spaghetti straps and, well, no back at all - it was a fearless fashion moment that near-enough defined party dressing for the decade.
Kendall Jenner recreated the look to celebrate her 21st milestone birthday a decade later. Bella Hadid too served an iconic chainmail moment in a two-piece silver ensemble by Fannie Schiavoni, on her 20th birthday.
The cold, hard metal mesh has seen a resurgence on the spring and pre-fall 2022 runways. Going beyond the classic mini dress, we now have crop tops, skirt sets, plenty of jewelry, and handbags. This season's go-to goodtime dress is what was once something only seen on supermodels and high-profile celebrities. You can now shop Chainmail on Mew Mews Fahion to get your dream sparkling look.

How to rock the look:  Pair see-through chainmail fashions with flesh colored underpinnings. Keep accessories to a minimum. Jewelry and shoes should be dainty and not distracting. For a sleek look, straighten hair or style in a slicked-back pony. Have double-sided tape on hand for garments that are overly revealing.